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What is the 529 Garage Bicycle Registration Program?

It is a cloud based bicycle registration program. Registering your bike is critical to ensure you have the information needed by law enforcement, insurance and the community to help recover a lost bike.

Project 529 Shield

The 529 Shield's unique ID makes it easy to contact you if your bike is recovered.

The 529 Shield sticker provides an additional unique identifier for your bike, making it easy for law enforcement and unknowing buyers trace back to you if it is ever stolen.

The physical presence on the bike of the 529 Garage Shield acts as a deterrent to thieves knowing it can be traced.

The 529 Shield retails on for $12.99 each plus taxes and shipping.

Oceanside Community Safety will provide the shield to you for FREE.

How do I Register my Bicycle?

Use the following link:

Once you have joined, contact our Parksville Office (250-954-2223) to make sure that a volunteer will be present to issue your free shield TUESDAYS between 10 AM to 12:00 noon.

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