Child Identification

Child Identification KitChildren are our greatest resource!

The CHILD IDENTIFICATION program provides the parent or guardian of a child with a booklet containing the child's fingerprints, and space to include pertinent information about the child--i.e. colour of eyes and hair, birthmarks or scars. It is suggested that the parent include a new photo each year. A small plastic seal able bag is included in which the parent will place a few hairs (with roots) to be used for DNA purposes. We recommend that the parent keep this form in a safe place, and that it be included in any papers that they might take when on vacation with the child.

Fingerprinting records important information about your child which law enforcement will need should your child ever go missing. You are encouraged to keep an up to date photo as well as height and weight information. Only one copy of the fingerprint folder exists. It stays with the parent and if a child goes missing it can help the authorities in tracing him/her. Very small children (babies) have their full hand or foot print taken.

The program is also a great way to introduce and remind your child about safety tips they should keep in mind when dealing with strangers, the internet, and abduction situations. The more familiar your child is with these techniques, through reminders and role playing with parents, the less likely they will find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Although our fingerprints remain the same through out our lives, they also become clearer after the age of 7, so repeating the fingerprinting process yearly is a good practice.

Call your local community safety office for more information, or call the office to when the next fingerprint session is going on in your area.

Silver Alert!

If you have a senior family member that may be having difficulty managing themselves and might wander, consider picking up an Identification Kit and completing it for them. If they do wander, all the information necessary to support a successful search will be contained in the kit.

Remember to fingerprint now…. You can’t do it later.