Community Watch - FAQ

What time of day do patrols go out?

Patrols can be scheduled either during the daytime or evening. It usually depends on the availability of volunteers and recommendations of the RCMP.

Are vehicles provided or do I have to use my own car?

Patrols are conducted in the volunteer's vehicle

With the high cost of gas, do I receive any financial compensation for doing patrols?

The driver of the patrol vehicle receives partial compensation for gas since the majority of patrols log upwards of 50 -100 km

What type of equipment is provided to volunteers while on patrol?

Each of our patrol kits will include:          

  • cell phone
  • radio scanner
  • traffic control vests
  • first aid kit
  • binoculars

  • spotlight
  • LED flares
  • patrol manual
  • flashlight
  • laptop computer

All the equipment necessary to conduct a safe and effective patrol.

If I see suspicious activity taking place should my partner and I intervene and prevent a crime from taking place?

NO!  You should remain in your vehicle, contact the RCMP and monitor the situation from a safe distance until the RCMP arrive. At no time should you place either yourself or your partner in harms way.

Do you also conduct "walking/foot patrols”?

Yes, however, since the area is fairly extensive, we normally conduct our patrols in vehicles. We canvas parks and parking lots on foot, looking for vehicles which have not been locked or have valuables in plain view. This is more of an awareness program to educate drivers to keep there belongings secure and prevent the loss of valuables

How close is your relationship with the RCMP?

We have a very close working relationship with the RCMP. From the Detachment Supervisor down to the individual officers they realize our capabilities and value our assistance. In addition we have an RCMP "community policing officer" who oversee our activities on an ongoing basis.

Do you have any authority to make an arrest or issue traffic tickets?

NO! We only act as an extra set of eyes and ears for the RCMP. Therefore all we do is observe and report any suspicious activity directly to the RCMP dispatcher, who in turn will dispatch a patrol car to our location.