Crime Stats

A popular request from site visitors concerns local crime statistics. People want to know where crimes are happening in the Oceanside area.

The Oceanside RCMP detachment is the generator of crime data for our area. Specific requests need to be made to them.

Data is published in Crime Watch Reports. You are welcome to browse them for an idea of what is happening.

You may also choose to use our site search capability for specific interests. For instance, if you are moving to the area and want to know if the street you are considering is a high crime area, simply search on the street name. If it has appeared in a Crime Watch Report you will see that and be able to read through any reported instances of crime to help shape your decision.

As an alternative, you may wish to use a search engine to refine your search capability. For instance, you could use the following Google query:

"street name" "crime watch report"

Of course, you will replace "street name" with the name of the street you are interested in, eg: "Pym Street."

No doubt there are similar queries that will work with your favourite search engine.

Statistics Canada also provides crime data through it's web site.

Please, do not ask us to do this work for you. Our volunteers are not prepared to do so and we will not act on your behalf with the RCMP.