Safety Seminars

Free Safety Seminars

Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers are proud to offer safety seminars. Service Clubs, Church groups, Care Facilities, or any other gathering of Seniors, caregivers, or interested citizens can take advantage of the educational opportunity.

Seminars contain the following information:

Financial Safety and Counterfeits

  • Who commits fraud
  • Why seniors are targeted
  • Types of fraud
  • How to keep your personal information safe
  • Information about counterfeit currency and credit cards
  • What to do if it happens to you
  • Credit Reports
  • Reference sheet with pertinent contact phone numbers

Frauds and Scams

  • Tactics used by con artists
  • Why seniors are targets
  • Types of scams
  • Who commits fraud
  • Ways to prevent scams
  • Reporting Crime – what you will need
  • What to do if it happens to you
  • Contact information

Internet and Cyber Crime

  • Computer crimes
  • Malicious software – viruses and spyware
  • Internet Crime and facebook
  • Ways to protect yourself

Elder Abuse

  • What is Elder Abuse
  • Information on the Abused and the Abuser
  • Signs of Abuse
  • Forms of Intervention
  • Resources

To register, or for further information, please contact our Safety Seminar Co-ordinator:


You may also contact either Oceanside Community Safety offices by telephone.