Emergency Preparedness Event - January 25, 2020

Fairwinds Community Association LogoThe Fairwinds Community Association (FCA) received a community grant through the Regional District of Nanaimo to support Nanoose Bay residents in being prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster including prolonged power outages and windstorms. For those of us to live in Nanoose, we should expect to be self-sufficient for a minimum of two weeks should a significant disaster occur.  

Pedestrian Visibility at Night

DriveSmartBC LogoI read an article recently about conspicuity for police officers working on the highway. It suggested that the reflective vests and jackets that we use to stand out and be identified by drivers at night were not very effective. A driver had to approach closely when using low beam headlights to see a reflection, and the reflections that were seen did not immediately suggest that what the driver was looking at was a pedestrian.