Crime Watch Report - October 11 to 17, 2018

Detective1) File 2018-11505: October 11th: A business in the 400 block Island Hwy E, Parksville, reported a suspicious male on the property, yelling at cars leaving the business. Members attended. Subject was told to leave and was cooperative.

2) File 2018-11508: October 11th: A reported a break and enter at 400 block Judges Row, Qualicum Beach. Resident went to the residence to see the front door was kicked in and then a male came running out. The male and resident got into a wrestling match on the ground before the male suspect escaped and ran along the side of the house and out of sight. Subject has been located.

3) File 2018-11529: October 11th: Reported that while a driver was visiting their parents at 300 block Wembley Rd, Parksville, between 1700-2100 hours, their rear licence plate was stolen.

4) File 2018-11541: October 12th: Police noted a suspicious grey Saturn parked at the beach across the street from the Qualicum Beach Inn. There was an expired truck plate attached to the back of noted that the vehicle had not been driven for a while as the windows and vehicle were covered in dew. There was a second license plate on the front passenger seat belonging to a vehicle out of Cobble Hill. Police opened the driver's side door and seized that plate along with the rear truck plate. The vehicle was the subject of some suspicious activity recently. Vehicle towed for safekeeping.

5) File 2018-11609: October 14th: Report that a truck was stolen. It was parked on the street at 100 block Ford Ave, Parksville. Vehicle recovered.

6) File 2018-11624: October 14th: A patron report to the Oceanside RCMP that their black Colony Emerge BMX bike with an orange front tire and red grips was stolen while they were eating inside a business at 300 block Island Hwy W, Parksville.

7) File 2018-11656: October 15th: Received a complaint that a rider had left their bike on the side of the road while foraging in the bush and when they returned it was gone in the 1400 Block of Braddock Rd, Errington. The bike was a SIL electric bike and had a woven basket on it.

8) File 2018-11664: October 16th: RCMP dispatched to an abandoned 911 call. Number was registered to a residence 1400 block Grafton Rd Errington. RCMP arrived to learn that a number of people broke through the side door, entered the house and started smashing things inside. The intruders were looking for a female that owed them money.

9) File 2018-11692: October 16th: Owner reported to Oceanside RCMP that a vehicle had been broken into overnight in their driveway at 500 block Church Rd, RDN. No damage as vehicle possibly left unlocked. Items were strewn about in the vehicle but only thing missing was a key to the boat and new Costco prescription glasses

10) File 2018-11717: October 17th: A business in the 100 block of Island Highway East, Parksville reported that the front glass door had been smashed with a rock and after reviewing video a male was observed entering the store to steal a tip jar on the counter. Subject was located.