Crime Watch Report - September 23 to October 4, 2017

Detective1) File 17-8731 September 23. A few vehicles that had been left open overnight were entered on Morison Avenue in Parksville. Loose change, binoculars and other items left in plain view were stolen.

2) File 17-8892 September 27. A business owner in the 6000 block of Island Highway in Bowser called to report that he had attended his business  and found a strange man had broken in and was still inside. Police attended quickly, locating and arresting the man. It appears the man had taken illicit drugs, was delusional and had entered the business for refuge. Regardless of circumstance, the man was lodged in cells and now has a court date to face the charges.

3) File 17-8968 September 30. Police responded to a complaint from a logging company representative working on Horne Lake Caves Road. Someone had attended the logging site overnight and punched the ignition of a log loader, moved it around the property, caused damages and then proceeded to steal the CB radio.

4) File 17-8971 September 30. Sometime between 1 and 4 a.m., there were dozens of vehicles vandalized. The Oceanside RCMP received several calls after people awoke to find their vehicles damaged. The incidents occurred on Temple Street, Wright Road, Field Crescent, Marsh Place, Sunray Road, Sunray Close, and Phillips Street in Parksville. It would appear that a suspect started their mischief by spray painting foul language on a few cars. They then began opening doors of unlocked cars, stealing small items, and leaving the doors open to allow the rain to get in. The suspect then stole a knife from one of the vehicles and used the knife to slash vehicle seatbelts and scratch the exteriors of other cars. All told, this suspect victimized dozens of people, exhausted police resources and caused thousands in damages.

5) File 17-8982 September 30. At approximately 7 p.m., a shopper who was in Save on Foods returned to her vehicle (unlocked) to discover that her iPhone had been stolen from her vehicle. The phone was described as a dark grey 5s model iPhone.

6) File 17-9011 October 2. Just after midnight, property owners from 200 Block of Island Highway called to report that they had attended their business after an alarm to find that the front door was smashed in. It appeared that nobody entered the business, perhaps being scared off by the alarm.

7) File 17-9015 October 2. A business owner arrived to work near the Orange Bridge in Parksville and found his courtesy car had the side window smashed out. It did not appear that anything was missing or disturbed and therefore, appeared to be a random act of (stupidity) mischief.

8) File 17-9024 October 2. A resident of Field Crescent in Parksville awoke to find that their unlocked vehicle had been entered overnight. Stolen items included fishing tackle and a backpack.

9) File 17-9037 October 2. A theft from the back of a pickup truck parked was reported on the 100 block of First Avenue in Qualicum Beach. The generator is described as a Honda E1000 with the number “36” written on the side.

10) File 17-9115 October 4. An attempted break and entry was reported at the Old School House Art Gallery in Qualicum Beach. Employees attended the business to open in the morning and found 2 large pry marks on the door. The business had not been entered as perhaps something had scared off the thief. The door had significant damage and will need to be replaced.