Crime Watch Report - September 27 to October 4, 2018

Detective1) File 2018-11028: September 27th: Reported to the Oceanside RCMP that their bike was stolen from their work around 800 block Island Hwy W, Parksville. Surveillance video captured a male.

2) File 2018-11061: September 28th: Reported a possible fraud and stolen credit card at a business located 2200 block Alberni Hwy, Coombs.

3) File 2018-11117: September 30th: 0 0830 hrs: Report of alarm at 700 block Flamingo Drive, Qualicum Beach. Damage to great room and sliding door. A lawn chair was found at the kitchen window and the screen was cut indicating likely point of entry.

4) File 2018-11136: September 30th: a reported a break and enter to a house on 200 block Fourneau Way, Parksville. Resident returned to find the screen off the basement window and the window opened. Valuables were stolen.

5) File 2018-11148: October 1st: Canada Post reported that someone had broken into some mail boxes located on Jamisson Rd in Bowser.

6) File 2018-11171: October 1st: Report of a theft from a pickup parked in front of their residence on 600 block Tilba Terrace, Parksville. The vehicle was left unlocked and there was no damage to vehicle noted. One personal item was removed.

7) File 2018-11200: October 2nd: Police called to report a theft from vehicle that occurred sometime overnight. The vehicle was left unlocked on 800 block Fishermans Circle, Parksville. It was reported music cds were taken and possibly more

8) File 2018-11201: October 2nd: Police called to report a break and enter at a business located on 1300 block Valley Road, Parksville. Third break and enter at this business in the last month. Point of entry along Valley Road. Stolen was a long crow bar, truck battery, hose used for siphoning gas and fuel.

9) File 2018-11244: October 3rd: Reported his vehicle had been broken into the night of Oct 2. Vehicle was parked at residence located on 600 Temple St, Parksville. Vehicle was locked however a small rear side window was only sealed with plastic bag to keep the water out.

10) File 2018-11269: October 3rd: Reported thefts from vehicles on an Auto. Complainant said that sometime Monday night, someone stole the right rear tail light and 4 wheel centres off of an older MG car. Last night, someone stole an electric diesel pump from a tidy tank on one of their trucks.

11) File 2018-11266: October 4th: Reported to Oceanside RCMP persons broke into a business at 500 block Alberni Hwy, Parksville. Wire fence was cut and attempts to steal big batteries on a semi truck were made but unsuccessful.