Crime Watch Report - September11 to 18, 2018

Detective1) File 2018-10442: On September 9th, a door alarm was triggered at a business in the 100 block of Craig St, Parksville. Police attended and found the front door lock damaged and the door was unsecured. Merchandise scattered all over the floor at the store front and the restricted back room.

2) File 2018-10443: On September 12th, a reported a break and enter in the 1000 block of Island Highway East, Parksville. Sometime over the night someone had gained entry through the sliding glass door by forcing it open. Thieves took money and a computer.

3) File 2018-10532: September 13th, a resident reported a break and enter into a residence in the 1500 block of Sharons Pl, Parksville. Resident returned home to find the normally locked garage side door closed but unlocked. The occupant’s backpack inside the house had been gone through. A cash box was opened and a debit card was taken.

4) File 2018-10511: September 13th, a resident reported that their wallet had been taken while they were at a business on the 100 block of Craig Street, Parksville. The wallet contained money, credit card, bank card and a BC identification card. Resident stated they left the wallet down to look at merchandise and when went to pay he realized they left the wallet at the back of store. When he returned a minute later, the wallet was gone,

5) File 2018-10512: September 13th, a person reported the theft of a 3 foot tall gargoyle from outside her residence on the 400 block of Chester Lane in Qualicum Beach.

6) File 2018-10537: September 14th, a complaint of a theft of a purse from vehicle parked on 2nd Street, Qualicum Beach. The vehicle had been left with a window rolled down.

7) File 2018-10607: September 16th, a bike was found on Memorial Ave in Qualicum Beach at Fourth Ave East. Missing a bike? Contact Oceanside RCMP 250-248-6111 with a serial number and/or description.

8) File 2018-10612: September 16th, police were called to the 600 block Alberni Hwy, Parksville, the old train station building, that overnight someone had lit a small fire on the doorstep.