Door-to-Door Handyman Scams

Scam Warning GraphicThis spring, like most others, door-to-door handyman scams will increase. There are some reputable door-to-door handymen, but you need to be aware of fraudsters trying to take advantage of you. They may offer to fix your roof, clean your gutters or to do other odd jobs. They may tell you they are working in your neighbourhood and could even use a neighbours name to try to gain your trust. They may try to entice you by saying they have left over materials from another job, and therefore, can offer you an amazing deal!

Your best defense against being scammed is to never allow unsolicited handymen into your home. Reputable roofers, handymen, security companies, etc., generally do not go door- to-door. Consider asking a neighbour or someone you trust who they use for maintenance and allow them to share their contacts.

To learn more about protecting yourself from door-to-door scams, visit the Consumer Protection BC web site.

If you feel threatened or suspicious about a door-to-door handyman, contact: