Elementary Road Safety

Parachute LogoWe all get excited when one of our children is hit by a driver and demand that something is done immediately to make sure that it never happens again. The intersection of Moilliet Street and Despard Avenue is one example. That news story says "this particular intersection has been a growing concern parents and the school have raised with the City of Parksville. They claim it has become more dangerous with ongoing construction."

The City of Parksville's response was to make the intersection a 4 way stop. While it may be seen as doing something to solve the problem, the use of the 4 way stop may not be the best choice and once installed may be dangerous to remove at a later date.

It appears that the time to have done something at this intersection was well before the collision occurred. The question faced by the parents in expressing their concerns is what to do other than complain, especially if they feel that complaints are falling on deaf ears.

Elementary Road Safety is a program designed to make school communities safer by implementing evidence-based solutions that will address issues within each community that adopts the program. You don't have to wait for anyone as with this material you can form your own action group and make an informed approach to authorities to ask for correction.