Has Your Child Car Seat or Booster Expired?

child car seatSome child car seats may be into their second or third child occupant. Their car seat may have lived through plenty of ice cream adventures, and spills of food and crumbles of gunk. In fact, that this is one of the reasons that child car seats have an Expiry Date.

Child car seat belts, webbing and buckles may not work properly from the accumulation of food, drinks and spills. There are many other reasons - such as a recall (check on Transport Canada's web site); safety standards may have changed; exposure to sunlight may deteriorate the plastic weakening its structure or labels that explain safe use of the seat may become worn and unreadable over time.

Do you need help making sure that your car seat is still safe? Visit our Child Car Seat Safety Program page for the date and time of our next free clinic.