Income Tax Scam Prevention Presentation

Tax Scam WarningOne of Oceanside Community Safety's programs is to deliver free safety presentations aimed at protecting seniors from scams. The Oceanside Newcomers Alumni Society arranged for a presentation on Income Tax Scams and expressed their pleasure at what was delivered:

I would like to thank you for attending our meeting yesterday to speak specifically on income tax scammers. As evidenced by our group’s questions afterwards, some of us have already been victimized by these types of criminals that are becoming so creative in their scamming approaches and methods.

We had forms on all the tables for input about the topics our members would like to see in future, and there were some suggestions for a longer presentation on the types of presentations that you offer local groups. Our new executive will become effective after next month's meeting and it is possible down the road that we may arrange a date with you in a rented venue to have more in-depth coverage on these topics that are, unfortunately, so relevant in today’s world.

Thanks again. Enjoy the lovely weather, and let’s hope Spring has finally sprung!


Diane Neufeld, Vice-President
Oceanside Newcomers Alumni Society (ONAS)

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