Leaving Children in a Hot Car

On average, there is a child who has died from exposure after being left unattended in a vehicle, every year. One wonders how this tragedy could happen?

Cars can get hot very quickly. A study by General Motors of Canada found that within 20 minutes in a previously air conditioned small car exposed to the sun on a 25C day exceeded 50C within 40 minutes.

Recently a mother recounted what happened to her. Luckily, her story had a happy ending.

Here are some tips to help prevent a child from unknowingly being left in a vehicle:


  • Lock cars when not in use
  • Make a habit of checking the back seat even when driving alone
  • Put something you need like a purse or phone in the back seat so you are more likely to check back before getting out of the vehicle.
  • Use a mirror to see what is happening in the back seat area.