OCSV On Facebook

lock out auto crimeOCSV volunteer efforts received notice on Facebook today from an area resident:

I spotted something on my windshield today after I got into my vehicle to drive home. I noticed a few other vehicles had them, and since there was writing on it in pen, I figured out that it was probably from a volunteer doing a check on vehicles to encourage crime prevention. I then started mentally composing a complaint, as I assumed they had chastised me for having items in plain sight in the vehicle. (Something along the lines of, ‘I may have stuff in my car, but at least I lock the damn doors. Go pester the people that leave their vehicles unlocked and then complain when stuff gets stolen!’)

When I got out of the car at home, I checked the slip. Apparently it’s okay to have a very messy vehicle, and umbrellas and empty plastic food containers aren’t worth breaking into a car for.

Crime Prevention Notice