Pedestrians Should Protect Themselves

DriveSmartBC LogoEvery year an average of 52 pedestrians are killed and 2.400 are injured by collisions in B.C. These incidents typically take place at night or when visibility is poor. While there is no law requiring that pedestrians take steps to make themselves more visible to drivers in times of low visibility it simply makes sense to protect yourself when crossing or walking along the road.

Pedestrians need to remember that they must not walk on the roadway if a sidewalk is present. If there is no sidewalk, they must walk on the left facing oncoming traffic. It may be dangerous, but you are entitled to use both the extreme left edge of the roadway or the shoulder. Of course, if the shoulder is available, you would be foolish to insist on using the edge of the roadway or traffic lane.

Drivers must exercise due care to avoid collision with a pedestrian who is on the highway. Remember, a highway includes both the extreme left edge of the roadway and the shoulder.

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