SCAM - Telus Phone Marketing

phone scam alert imageI received a telemarketing call last week from 604-998-2231. The offer was for Telus services equivalent to my current Shaw services for 50% less than I was paying. That's attractive, especially since I had just received notice from Shaw that my current contract was expiring in a few months and I needed to renew.

I said that I would think about it and call back if I was interested. Both the price and the 2 return calls by this person over the next 2 days raised a caution flag.

How to decide if this was legitimate or not? I called Telus myself through the phone number on their web site. It took 3 hand offs and a lot of waiting to learn how to deal with it. Genuine Telus employees have access to your Telus account. They can tell YOU what services you have, not the other way around. In addition, they can record the offer that they made you on the account.

So, I called 604-998-2231 and told them to commit the offer to the notes on my account. The telemarketer said that he would do so.

I called Telus back on my own and you guessed it, no offer details on the account, just details of my inquiry on whether this was a scam or not.

This also works if you are not a current Telus customer but have been in the past. Telus had my dormant account details from 20 years ago.

A similar method will work with Shaw also.

Has someone tried to victimize you with a scam? Send us the details and we'll share them here to protect our community.