Speedwatch FAQ

What time of day do patrols go out?

Patrols can be scheduled either during the daytime or evening. It usually depends on the availability of volunteers and recommendations of the RCMP.

Are vehicles provided or do I have to use my own car?

Patrols are conducted in the volunteer's vehicle.

Do I receive any financial compensation for doing patrols?

The driver of the patrol vehicle do not receive any compensation for miles driven.

What type of equipment is provided to volunteers while on patrol?

Each patroller will have the following equipment available:

  • authorized speed signs
  • tripod
  • electronic speed board
  • traffic cones
  • patrol sheets
  • reflective traffic vests

All the equipment necessary to conduct a safe and effective patrol.

How close is your relationship with the RCMP?

We have a very close working relationship with the RCMP. In addition we have RCMP "community policing officers" who oversee our activities on an ongoing basis.

Do you have any authority to make an arrest or issue traffic tickets?

NO! We only monitor the speed of various vehicles. On occasion when a vehicle is speeding excessively we can record the license number and relay it to the RCMP who in turn may issue a warning letter.