Volunteer Training


On the 15 November 2019, our team lead for Community Watch and Traffic Watch conducted two training sessions for fifteen volunteers who are new to OCSV.



The training consisted of:

  • Definition of Priority One- Safety,
  • Dress and Deportment,
  • Identify and Utilize speed related equipment,
  • Identify potential safety issue(s) on the street, including geographical and environmental concerns,
  • Proper set-up and take-down procedures,
  • Care of equipment,
  • Proper record/documentation and note taking,
  • Dealing with difficult or aggressive persons,
  • Identify, observe and record suspicious behaviour and activities,
  • Communication processes,
  • Tactics for deterring criminal activity
  • Process of reporting to Police,

and took four and a half hours to complete. Class training consisted of lecture, power point, open discussion and on street performance-based demonstrations.

At the end of the training session the volunteers were qualified to do teamed Community Patrols and/or Speed Watch events, with enhanced observation, statistical recording and note taking and reporting skills which benefits our community by directed and focused deterrence of crime practices and education of drivers within the community.

You can help discourage crime and unsafe speeds in your neighbourhood by joining us.