Slow, Children at Play Signs

ICBC LogoWould you like to remind motorists in your neighbourhood to be mindful of the children that play there? Oceanside Community Safety and ICBC are partnering to distribute Slow, Children at Play signs that you may install on your own property to promote safety through appropriate speeds.

Walk Safe

Walk SafeWalking is one of the best ways to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. More than ever, people are getting out to enjoy a walk through our beautiful communities. It may be time to ask ourselves what we can do as pedestrians to avoid harm while walking.

How Do We Define A Bad Driver?

DriveSmartBC LogoHave you responded to our provincial government's request for feedback on the setting of fair ICBC rates yet? The hope is to "introduce changes to the current system to make insurance rates more fair for British Columbians by making all drivers more accountable for their decisions and driving behaviour." The implication here is that bad drivers don't pay their fair share of insurance premiums.

Speed Watch / Cell Watch Data - February 2018

Exclamation SignOne combination Speed Watch and Cell Watch deployment was made by Oceanside Community Safety's Community Watch during the month of February, 2018. Of 580 vehicles checked,  84 or 14.5% were traveling at more than 10 km/h over the posted speed limit with the highest deviation being 65 km/h in a 30 km/h zone. 10 drivers were observed doing some form of distracted driving.