Some People Still Don't Wear Their Seabelts

DriveSmartBC LogoOver my lifetime so far, I've gone from a child who rode on a foam mattress in the back of our family station wagon on summer road trips to a grandfather who would not dream of driving anywhere without grand daughters safely buckled up in proper child restraints. Needless to say, wearing my own seatbelt has become a reflex action. I'm uncomfortable if I don't wear it and don't notice it when I do.

That said, it is still not uncommon to find people who are unbelted, even though B.C. has had mandatory seatbelt use rules since October 1977.


Ask DriveSmartBC

DriveSmartBC LogoI am blessed with a steady stream of questions that arrive from visitors to the DriveSmartBC web site. Whenever I am short on ideas to base my weekly article on I can count on someone to make a suggestion. This week the operative word is short, and I'm going to deal with questions that haven't developed into a full article but deserve a response.


Child Restraint Event at Rathtrevor Provincial Park

Child in car seatOceanside Community Safety Volunteers partnered with Central Island Traffic, Oceanside RCMP, and the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada (CPSAC) to assist beach-goers from all over the island with safely transporting their children to and from Rathtrevor last weekend.

The crew were able to assist 71 children under 9 - assuring some parents that they were already transporting their children in a safe and legal manner and assisting 59 other to get their children riding more safely. The team also spoke with 5 children 9 and over about seat belt safety.

Spike in Thefts from Vehicles - May 18 to 25, 2017

No CriminalsIn the one week period from May 18 to 25, 2017 there were more than 20 thefts from vehicles in the Oceanside area. There is obviously a criminal with an affinity for theft from auto in our community. The thefts were predominately from unlocked vehicles and in fact, it is very rare that windows are smashed to gain entry. Most of these thefts would have been avoided by the owners simply locking their vehicle doors.