Road Safety Solutions for Your Neighbourhood

DriveSmartBC LogoThere is nothing like a near miss or collision to focus your mind on road safety. I often hear from people hoping to enlist my help in solving their issue. Requests have ranged from posting lower speed limits to constructing left turn lanes recently. Most people have already tried something on their own and are frustrated with what they see as the authorities not wanting to apply what they see as the solution.


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Course

CPTED DiagramCowichan Community Policing in partnership with Liahona Security is offering a Level One Basic CPTED course from October 3 to 6, 2016. The course will take place at the Maple Bay Fire Hall, 1230 Maple Bay Road in Duncan, B.C. from 8:30 to 4:30 each day. Cost for the course is $500 + GST. The course is aimed at Police Members, Design Professionals, Crime Prevention Officers & Staff, By-Law Enforcement, Facility Management, Security Professionals, BIA’s & Civic Leaders.

Stopping for a School Bus

DriveSmartBC LogoAccording to the Association of School Transportation Services of British Columbia, travel by school bus is statistically the safest method of ground transportation in Canada and by a substantial margin. I’m sure that we all expect and demand nothing less when our children and grandchildren are riding those buses to and from schools and school related events. Surely all drivers should understand this and not hesitate to stop when the red lights on a stopped bus are flashing.


Crime Watch Report - August 9 to 15, 2016

Detective1) 2016-7269 On August 9th, a mischief to a business was reported to have occurred in the 1200 block of Taylor Road in Parksville. The complainant advised that during the early hours culprits attempted to enter the business by cutting a hole in the exterior wall of the warehouse using tin clippers. A hole was made and the edges pulled back however the hole was not big enough for a person to get through.

I Want a New Highway Speed Limit Sign in My Neighbourhood

DriveSmartBC LogoThe article that I wrote two weeks ago concerning solving your own road safety problems prompted an inquiry from the East Kootenays. The writer complained that a section of Highway 31A leaving the town of New Denver was marked with a 50 zone ends speed sign and the next kilometre or so of the road had many driveways, some intersections, a pedestrian crossing for a public trail and was regularly used by cyclists and pedestrians. Some drivers, with motorcyclists singled out for special mention, regularly travel here at speeds as high as 120 km/h. Would I please have a sign put up limiting the speed to 50 or 60 km/h here?