Disputing a Traffic Ticket Penalty Without Attending Court

DriveSmartBC LogoAre you guilty of the offence shown on the violation ticket but unable to pay the ticketed amount? In many cases you can have the fine reviewed and set to a penalty more appropriate for your circumstances without having to set foot in traffic court. When the penalty cannot be reduced or you need both a reduction and time to pay, that can be accomplished as well. All you need to do is to complete and submit two forms for the judicial justice to review.


Crime Watch Report - June 20 to 25, 2016

Detective1) 2016-5442 On June 20th, a theft was reported to have occurred in the 3600 block of Alberni Highway in Parksville. The complainant advised that a shipment of potato chips valued at approximately $650.00, was stolen from a portable warehouse container. The unit had been recently moved from Nanaimo to Parksville and the complainant discovered that product missing on the morning of June 20th.

Tour de Rock 2016

Tour De Rock LogoWhy do law enforcement officers and media members commit to months of arduous training and embark on a journey away from their family and friends for two weeks? Why do organizations, businesses and ordinary people pledge to raise thousands of dollars? Simple, to show families who have a child with cancer that they do not have to fact the journey alone.

Is Slow Driving Unacceptable?

DriveSmartBC LogoArgh! The driver in front of me is not doing the speed limit! Yes, I’ll admit that I often feel the this way, even when the speed differential is as low as 5 to 10 km/h. I have to tell myself to relax and follow along until there is a safe opportunity to pass by or even be satisfied with reducing my own speed to match and not worrying about it. The trouble is, that only works if you don’t have a schedule to keep and in some circumstances slow driving can be dangerous.


Crime Watch Report - June 10 to 14, 2016

Detective1) 2016-5079 On June 10th, two break, enter and thefts were reported to have occurred in the 400 and 500 blocks of Ridgefield Road in Parksville. The complainant advised that two brand new homes that he was constructing and at the lock up stage, were entered sometime during the early morning hours. The residence in the 500 block had a broken window and culprits pried open the rear door allowing entry. Once inside the thieves stole 21 boxes of Branson coloured Old Mill Shiner wood, valued at $5600.00. The residence in the 400 block also had the rear door pried open however nothing was stolen from inside. The complainant advised that there was approximately $4100.00 damage to both premises.