Dine With the Tour de Rock Team - September 29, 2016

Tour de Rock RidersCome meet the 2016 Tour de Rock team when they ride into Parksville at the annual Tour de Rock Beer & Burger and Auction taking place at the Quality Resort Bayside. The team is made up of police officers and select media personnel that have dedicated 6 months of their lives to train and fundraise. The riders and families of those suffering with cancer truly appreciate your support.


Prepare to Stop When Lights are Flashing

DriveSmartBC LogoWhen my father-in-law from Quebec visited us here in B.C. years ago he was impressed with the idea of the overhead sign with flashing amber lights marked Prepare to Stop prior to signalized intersections. He thought that these signs made it much easier for the driver to prepare for a safe stop in advance of the signal changing to red. At that time this type of signal was not used where he lived.


Road Safety Solutions for Your Neighbourhood

DriveSmartBC LogoThere is nothing like a near miss or collision to focus your mind on road safety. I often hear from people hoping to enlist my help in solving their issue. Requests have ranged from posting lower speed limits to constructing left turn lanes recently. Most people have already tried something on their own and are frustrated with what they see as the authorities not wanting to apply what they see as the solution.