Speedwatch History

In 1992 a group of citizens concerned with the amount of excessive speeding within the District 69 area approached the RCMP to see what could be done. After several meetings and discussions the RCMP and ICBC teamed up to train and equip these citizens with speed monitoring equipment. Initially the group was small but over the years with the expansion and population growth of the area, volunteers now patrol a large area including the communities of Bowser to the north, Qualicum Beach, Coombs/Errington, Parksville and Nanoose Bay to the south.

Speed Watch

Speeding in residential neighbourhoods is one of the most frequent concerns of the RCMP. The SPEEDWATCH program encourages residents to become involved in addressing speeding problems. Often motorists who speed in residential areas are unaware of the effect their actions have on the peace and safety of those streets. SPEEDWATCH is a public awareness program in which concerned citizens can take an active role in solving the speeding issue by raising the public awareness of the actual speed motorists are travelling.

Crime Prevention Patrols - FAQ

What time of day do patrols go out?

Patrols can be scheduled either during the daytime or evening. It usually depends on the availability of volunteers and recommendations of the RCMP.

Are vehicles provided or do I have to use my own car?

Patrols are conducted in the volunteer's vehicle

With the high cost of gas, do I receive any financial compensation for doing patrols?

The driver of the patrol vehicle receives partial compensation for gas since the majority of patrols log upwards of 50 -100 km

Community Watch

Sometimes known as citizens on patrol, our volunteer teams observe and report suspicious activities to the police.

Vehicle patrols consist of two member volunteers who, on a four hour shift cover various areas in the District of Oceanside, looking for illegal activities. 

Volunteers participate in foot patrols, park watch, ICBC campaigns and assist in many community events. Volunteers also respond when requested by RCMP and other agencies.


The Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers is an organization comprising Citizens on Patrol, the Community Safety Office and Speedwatch.

The volunteers serve the communities of Bowser, Dashwood, Qualicum Bay, Qualicum Beach, Parksville, Nanoose Bay, Coombs, Errington, Hilliers and their surrounding areas on the east coast of the central Vancouver Island area of British Columbia.

We welcome you to browse our website to learn more about who we are, what we do, the services that we provide and perhaps to join us as a volunteer yourself.