We've Got a Serious Attitude Problem!

DriveSmartBC LogoSometimes when I read articles on road safety I come across one that really resonates with me. A story from 2008 written by Paul Hergott titled Drivers Need to Smarten Up When Out on the Road is one of them. Paul starts off by saying "We’ve got ourselves a serious attitude problem. We see driving as a right."

Very little has changed since then except perhaps that this attitude is becoming even more prevalent on our roads in 2017.


Walk Safe

Pedestrian CrossingWalking is one of the best ways to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. More than ever, people are getting out to enjoy a walk through our beautiful communities. It may be time to ask ourselves what we can do as pedestrians to avoid harm while walking.

Please Leave the Phone Alone

No SmartphoneICBC and the RCMP will be extra vigilant in their efforts to deter distracted driving this March. As distracted driving has now taken over as the second leading cause of fatalities in our Province, March has been chosen as distracted driving awareness month.

According to ICBC: Distracted driving is a leading cause of car crash fatalities in B.C. and one of the most common distractions behind the wheel is  a mobile electronic device. Most of us know not to text or check emails while driving, but programming a GPS, changing a song, or even playing a game can be just as dangerous.

Crime Watch Report - February 21 to 28, 2017

Detective1) February 21 at 5:00 p.m, Oceanside RCMP were called to the 200 Block of Corfield Street in Parksville. The Business owner had found 2 teens attempting to break into a storage shed on the property. The teens were chased off and fled on bicycles. After investigation it was discovered that another shed had been entered and that a number of items including a large quantity of fishing gear was missing.

It's Not Easy Being a Pedestrian

DriveSmartBC LogoOur provincial driving manual Learn to Drive Smart devotes an entire chapter to the concept of See - Think - Do Method. See: The pedestrian waiting to cross the street in the intersection. Think: There are no lines painted on the pavement, but it is an unmarked crosswalk and I have to stop for the pedestrian. Do: Yield the right of way to the pedestrian and allow them to cross the street.

In a perfect world, drivers would have no hesitation in stopping for pedestrians, pedestrians would use a crosswalk properly and the authorities would construct roads to facilitate both.