Crime Prevention Week 2017 - Business Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention in Changing Times LogoCrime can be devastating to businesses small and large. Shoplifting, robbery, credit/debit card fraud, break and enter, vandalism and employee theft impacts the assets and safety of a business, no matter what size.

In an attempt to lay the foundation for preventing crime in the work place, businesses are encouraged to examine the physical layout, overall security, hiring practices and number of employees to access their internal and external vulnerabilities and threats.


The Lost Art of Making a Lane Change

DriveSmartBC LogoThe sun is shining, the traffic is light and I'm actually enjoying my drive on the Inland Island Highway (technically speaking, it's a freeway) headed to Qualicum Beach. The only vehicle nearby is a car that is slowly overtaking me on the left. Not a problem as I'm travelling slightly under the 120 km/h speed limit.

Why, oh why, when there are literally kilometers of unused pavement in sight, does the driver of this vehicle have to make a lane change to the right putting their vehicle within about 3 vehicle lengths of my front bumper?