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2020 Child Car Seat Clinics

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Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers will once again be doing child car seat inspections in the new year 2020 at Oceanside Public Health Services, 494 Bay Ave. Parksville. Child Car Seat Technicians are trained by the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada. You might wish to consider seeing us for help with choosing, installing and using your child restraint before your first child is born.

Leaving Children in a Hot Car

On average, there is a child who has died from exposure after being left unattended in a vehicle, every year. One wonders how this tragedy could happen?

Cars can get hot very quickly. A study by General Motors of Canada found that within 20 minutes in a previously air conditioned small car exposed to the sun on a 25C day exceeded 50C within 40 minutes.

Recently a mother recounted what happened to her. Luckily, her story had a happy ending.

Here are some tips to help prevent a child from unknowingly being left in a vehicle: