road safety

Pedestrian Visibility at Night

DriveSmartBC LogoI read an article recently about conspicuity for police officers working on the highway. It suggested that the reflective vests and jackets that we use to stand out and be identified by drivers at night were not very effective. A driver had to approach closely when using low beam headlights to see a reflection, and the reflections that were seen did not immediately suggest that what the driver was looking at was a pedestrian.

So Why Do You Text & Drive?

No SmartphoneThis short video from the Western Cape government Safely Home initiative will have you rolling on the floor with laughter — before it punches you in the gut. Paired with the hashtag #itcanwait, the video emphasizes that nothing is more important that getting home safely without hurting yourself or others. Of course, the thought applies just as well here in Oceanside as it does in Africa. Leave the phone alone and just drive.

DriveSmartBC - Trouble After a Vehicle Purchase

DriveSmartBC LogoThis inquiry arrived in the DriveSmartBC inbox last Thursday: "I bought a used newer truck from a dealership and was told prior to signing the final documents that the truck had gone through a full safety inspection. Less than two weeks later I was pulled over and issued a ticket for improperly equipped motor vehicle and issued a box 2 inspection order for my 2017 Dodge Ram 3500."